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Special Event Mosquito Spray in Minneapolis

Living in the Minneapolis area means enjoying the great outdoors as much as the weather permits. With so many lakes, we are lucky to have the perfect opportunity to host special events in spectacular locations with gorgeous views and stunning scenery.

While you may be planning that movie perfect outdoor wedding or family reunion, what the movies don’t tell you is that insects like mosquitoes and ticks don’t graciously allow you a day off from their existence. Pulling off the perfect day without a hitch means dealing proactively with the reality of Mother Nature. While we can’t do anything to guarantee a rain free occasion, we can help you with the threat of mosquitos and ticks with our special event spray.

Special Event Mosquito Spray

Mosquitoes are the first annoyance that comes to mind when spending time outside during warmer weather. They buzz up and nip at your legs and arms, leaving you with unsightly itchy bumps for days. When planning a birthday party, barbecue, wedding or other special events, it is important, especially if the event is going to carry on into the evening and night, to protect your guests from this annoyance. Mosquitoes see your event as a smorgasbord and are going to flock, which could lead to your guests exiting much sooner than you anticipate or desire. Our highly trained technicians will spray our most popular product, mosquito barrier spray, to your entire event area. This spray will eliminate mosquitoes on contact and leave a residue free, odorless barrier that continues to work for the duration of your event.

Special Event Tick Spray

While you don’t exactly think immediately of ticks being a nuisance at your outdoor event, the effects are something that might come up days or weeks later. With ticks carrying dangerous diseases such as Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever it is vital to protect your guests from having a joyous occasion lead to health problems later. If your wedding, family reunion or special occasion is being hosted near a wooded area or tall grasses ticks could be problematic. You don’t have to go hiking deep in the woods to have a tick find you. Protect your guests with our special event tick spray. The same great product that controls mosquitoes will also protect you and your guests from ticks. The tick barrier spray will eliminate ticks on contact and leave an invisible barrier that will keep your event space tick free for the duration of your party.

If you’re planning your big day, a family reunion an annual barbecue or other special occasions this season, call today to get special event mosquito or tick spray. Protect yourself, your friends, your family, your guests and your carefree celebration. Call today (763) 434-2483

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