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The 6 C’s of Tick-Proofing Your Yard

In addition to signing up for Intensive Tick Treatment from Mosquito Squad of the Twin Cities for your yard. Following the 6 C’s of Tick-Proofing is a great way to make sure your yard is less hospitable for ticks and the deer that bring them to you.

1. Clear out
Clear out excess lawn debris to reduce your exposure to ticks. Thriving in moist shady areas, it is vital to keep compost piles far away from high traffic areas to deter ticks.
2. Clean
Mow your lawn regularly, keeping it nice and short. Clean up grass clippings and leaf litter to avoid giving ticks a place to stay cool and moist.
3. Choose plants
Check with your local nursery to choose the best deer repelling plants for your yard. In addition to choosing plants that will not attract deer, you can install physical barriers such as fencing to keep deer out.
4. Check hiding places
Ticks love to hide along the base of fences, retaining walls and within wood piles. Check those hiding places regularly to eliminate ticks that may have assembled.
5. Care for family pets
Pets can be infected with tick-borne diseases too. They also can carry infected ticks into the home. Talk to your veterinarian about using tick prevention for your pets. As with all pest control products, follow the directions carefully.
6. Call in the Pros
Mosquito Squad of the Twin Cities can eliminate 85-90% of the ticks in your yard with intensive tick treatment (our traditional barrier spray plus the addition of tick tube placement twice a year).

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