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Follow Minneapolis Tick Safety Tips to Lower Risks for Tick-Borne Diseases

Ticks in Minneapolis can transmit a variety of dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Powassan virus, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis and more. Their tiny hard-to-detect presence makes it very easy for them to bite you without you noticing. Avoiding tick bites is the best method of preventing tick-borne diseases, and their elusiveness further complicates that avoidance. While we hope you protect yourself at home with our intensive tick treatment program, we know you enjoy the outdoors in many untreated areas around the city, state, and beyond. When enjoying outdoor activities in untreated areas, it is vital that you practice the following tick safety precautions:

Tick Protection Before You Go Out

Step One: Wear light colored clothing to make ticks easy to spot and brush off.
Step Two: Tuck your pants into your socks. A fashion statement? No. But ticks start low and crawl upwards. If you tuck your pants into your socks, they are more likely to stay on your clothing.
Step Three: Use a tick repellent spray that contains permethrin or DEET on exposed skin. You can also treat shoes and clothing to repel the ticks and avoid bringing them into the house.
Step Four: Before you go indoors, use a lint roller to remove ticks.

Keep Ticks Outdoors

Upon your return home or indoors from an outdoor adventure with great tick exposure it is imperative that you remove your clothing immediately. Ticks have been known to hitch a ride on clothes and bite later. Place your clothing directly into the dryer, set it on high for 30 minutes or more to eliminate any ticks. Afterward, you can wash your clothes or throw them in the hamper.

Caution: Ticks can survive the washing machine. A hot dryer is imperative for elimination.

Next, take a shower as soon as possible. Use your hands to feel for and knock off any ticks that may be on you without having embedded themselves. Be sure to take a closer look if you feel any bumps.

Daily Tick Checks

After spending time outdoors, Minneapolis residents should conduct a daily tick check. While you may not have been in the woods, it is entirely possible to pick up ticks at parks, untreated yards, or otherwise just from the lawn. Follow the steps below for a thorough, effective tick check:

  1. Start at your feet. Ticks start low and crawl up.
  2. Look between toes, inspect near the bottom of hair follicles where tiny ticks can hide and pay especially close to warm dark places such as behind the knee.
  3. Slowly move your way up, using your eyes and hands to look and feel. Pay close attention to the groin area where ticks can hide.
  4. Carefully observe your torso, arms, and chest. Ticks love belly buttons, under breasts, and under armpits.
  5. Check your neck, behind your ears, along your hairline, and your scalp.
  6. Have a buddy check your scalp if you have thick or long hair and have them check your back where you can’t see.

If you find a tick embedded in your skin, it is important to follow safe tick removal guidelines to avoid causing an infection. Save your tick in an air tight container. Date it and keep it for 30-60 days. Should symptoms of illness occur, your tick could be a quick and necessary diagnostic tool.

If a tick bites me, isn’t it already too late?

Did you know that some tick-borne diseases take 24-48 hours of a tick being embedded in your skin to transmit? Lyme disease can be avoided with daily tick checks and tick removals.

While you’re at home, enjoy fewer ticks and lower risks with tick control by Mosquito Squad of the Twin Cities. Call today for a free quote: (763) 434-2483

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